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"Once Chinese consumers have become accustomed to a certain brand, no matter whether it be cigarettes, soap or tooth paste, they are the world's most loyal customers,  and they will support a brand with a degree of unanimity and faithfulness which should bring tears of joy to the  eyes of the manufacturer."


Carl Crow, Four Hundred Million Customers (1937) 17-18.





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  • Access new markets

  • Create economies of scale and increase your competitiveness

  • Improve the image of your company, within your home market too

  • Build on market trends and monitor what the competition is doing, to anticipate new products

  • Establish new Services

  • Expand your own offering, or ensure its significant and continuous improvement

  • Enrich your company’s management style and its activities by exploring what people do elsewhere in the world

  • Enhance the attractiveness of your company to talents, and retain them with innovative projects,

  • Get closer ties to foreign customers

  • Forestall the development of competition, including in your domestic market  




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Watches measure time. They give time and thus the beautiful moments of life a special meaning. Bruno Söhnle watches not only show the time precisely, they also give time a new dimension with their special aesthetics and technical perfection. Time is perceived differently. Every time you glance at these beautiful watches, time will stop for a moment. Watchmakers have combined beauty and function in the name of Bruno Söhnle for more than half a century.







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